Top Ten Clues You Need Gift Ideas

It’s the ideas, isn’t it? Just coming up with something that your loved ones would want or need is the hard part of gift giving. In the spirit of some of the awesome lists for Readers in Your Life or Writers in Your Life that I’ve seen going around lately, I decided to create a list of gift ideas based on the characters in my Christmas story in disguise, Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless. With so many different characters, you’re sure to find inspiration for someone in your life.

Chloe – the classic, shy, introverted book nerd. Basically if it has words on it, you’re sure to please someone like Chloe. That or appeal to her fandoms.

Tyson – ambitious, hardworking, and secretly geeky. Tyson finds a way to enjoy himself no matter what the circumstances. Oh, and he’s definitely a Potterhead.

Sammi – edgy and bordering on caustic, Sammi is hiding a soft nougat center.

Gabe – sportsball all the way. If you can play it, throw it, bounce it, or catch it, Gabe is in.

Zaina – traditional, refined, and beautiful. Just don’t make it all about her looks.

Micah – a sweet, naive homebody. Micah likes it best when it’s helping other people.



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