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Overheard at RT


This is the skywalk known as The Link, where we spent approximately 60% of our time, commuting for coffee.

What can I say about RT that hasn’t already been put into the police report?  Probably not much.  Except that I am constantly amazed at how much mayhem a conference center filled with awkward introverts can cause.


The delightful Kiera Cass and I at the book signing. We were plotting against our editor, Erica Sussman.

This year’s Kansas City conference was a blur of elevators and skywalks, deafening dinners with fabulous people, getting into vans with strangers, spontaneous dance parties, and plenty of laughter.  From interpretive cover modeling and karaoke, to days-long discussions about the anatomy of mammals, you just never know what you’re going to get.

Just like last year, I was furiously scribbling in my notebook whenever I caught a juicy tidbit.  Some of the stuff I overheard was good advice for writers.  Other things were…well, just plain weird.  Here’s this year’s


Writing Thoughts:

Unexpected Life Advice from Panelists:

The Stuff that Defies Categorization:


Obligatory selfie with Deb Driza


Cole Gibsen is up to no good.

**This year, I also got to be a cub reporter for Barbara Vey’s Publisher’s Weekly blog.  You can see my report here if you want!

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