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I haven’t really had a reason to talk about this before, but I am a HUGE Disney fan.  Not quite all the way into the obsessive I’d-Rather-Be-At-Disney-World-License-Plate-Frame-Having-Never-Go-Anywhere-Else-On-Vacation fan, but definitely a big fan.  Like, I get choked up when I see Disney World commercials on TV.

I know.

So, back in April, I got to take my kiddo to Disney World for the first time, and I decided I was going to tell him in a special way.  My kiddo is a planner, so he was definitely not a good target for one of those surprise trips you see on YouTube sometimes.  Instead, we decided to tell him it was happening and give him a countdown so he’d be good and ready.

Here’s how it went down.


First I got a bunch of Disney-themed scrap paper and cut it into strips.


Then I made a countdown chain, so he could remove one every day until the trip.


Then I tucked a personalized T-shirt (not shown because it’s got his name on it, and the kiddo deserves some privacy) and some of the goodies Disney had already sent us.


I wrapped the box in red on the bottom, black on the top and glued on two white buttons for Mickey’s shorts. The chain went in on top of the rest of the goodies.


The final touch was a big yellow bow and a polka dot card address to the kiddo on top.

IMG_1893 - Version 2

Oh yeah, I also got a Disney font and wrote a note from Mickey to the kiddo. We had a neighbor drop it off on the front porch one morning and let the kiddo discover it. Definitely a fun way to tell him.

Pretty nerdy, huh?  I swear, this is more crafting than I have done in the previous twenty years combined.  But it was worth it.  And I was so pleased with how it came out I had to share.

And now we return to your regularly scheduled program…

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