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Confessional Gratitude

At the end of last year, I landed myself in the hospital.  Nothing life-threatening, but it wasn’t fun.  I won’t explain all the complications, but the start of it all was kidney stones.  And yes, they are everything you’ve ever heard about them, and more.

Me, with kidney stones.

Why am I telling you this?  Because that’s where the trouble started.  See, I had to be on pain medication for quite a while and it pretty much sapped my will to do anything but watch TV.  A lot of TV.  And that’s really saying something because I already watch kind of a lot of TV (Don’t judge me.)  The problem was I was watching TV instead of reading.  I just couldn’t concentrate enough to read a book.

I think I went a solid two months without reading a book.  Maybe a page or two of a puppy-training book (have I mentioned my puppy?) but that’s all I could muster.

My puppy, Alex

My puppy, Alex

Turns out, I need to read.  I think my writing brain might be fueled on the words of others.  Maybe my brain eats them, mulches them and rearranges them into my own books.  I’m not sure.  But with that lack of concentration and lack of reading, came a serious lack of writing.  I could tap out a few hundred words now and again, but nothing more than that.

Lucky for me, I was pretty much between things with my contract.  I did some line edits (thankfully not too straining on my addled brain) and some other non-writing jobs (like getting my author photo done.)

Then, finally, after the new year, when I realized I hadn’t even started a page for my 2013 Book List on ye olde blog, I decided to pick up one of the books on my to-read pile.  It was Laura Ellen‘s BLIND SPOT, and it was fantastic.  I loved it and I ate it up like candy.

Sooooo goooooood!

I started mainlining audiobooks again (Christopher Moore is my new back-up boyfriend) and now I’m deep into E.M. Kokie‘s PERSONAL EFFECTS.

Have you read this? Why not?

And guess what?  The rusting machinery of writing deep in my brain chugged to life.

So, thank you, Apocalypsies, for saving me from a life of television-induced ennui. (Note:  I will still be watching all of my favorite–you guys, Bunheads is on tonight!–but I will no longer be surfing for daytime nonsense.)

Are you watching this show? WHY NOT?

– Liz

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