Standing on Others’ Shoulders

Reading Chuck Wendig’s last post, On Cultivating Instinct as an Inkslinging, Storyspinning, Penmonkey Type, I found myself shouting (at least in my head, because while I am weird, I haven’t quite reached the shouting at myself in an empty house phase–most of the time), “Yes!  That!  Exactly!”

And while I would love to copy and paste his post here in its entirety, that would be very non-Internet cool of me, so I’m going to instead insist that you visit his blog.  Warning:  Chuck is not for those with delicate sensibilities.  If you are an active member of an anti-profanity organization, you might want to take a pass (although this is actually one of his least profane missives ever).

In the meantime, I also want you to have a look at this video:


That, in case you are unfamiliar, is zefrank.  He’s an online performance artist and one of the original vloggers worth watching.  After a break from his one-year cult hit show, The Show (I know, right?  Who saw that coming?), he’s back with a new show, which is pretty freaking awesome.  This was the first video for the new thing, and if it doesn’t make you want to stand up on a chair and cry out, “O Captain, my Captain!” then A: you probably haven’t seen Dead Poets Society and that’s a situation you need to rectify as quickly as possible, and B: you probably need to watch it again.

So there you have it, me standing on the shoulders of wise men to send you some inspiration for the day.

Let’s do this thing–whatever this thing might be.

– Liz




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