German Cover for ASK AGAIN LATER!

Foreign covers fascinate me.  They so often have such a completely unique spin on the story compared to the US cover.  And that is totally the case with my German publisher (Loewe) and the cover for Ask Again Later.  Prom isn’t really as big a thing in other parts of the world, so the cover doesn’t indicate that part of the story at all!  I love the divided paths and the cute little road sign.  Such a fun hint for the story!

German AAL cover

Now I know Google Translate is not exactly the most reliable source in the world, but I’m pretty sure the title translates to Head, Number or Love.  I assume that’s the German way of saying Heads, Tails or Love.  Cute, right?  Also, apparently they’re not into Oxford commas over there.  Go figure!

I have to give a shout out to my awesome translator Jeannette Bauroth who tracked me to down to make sure she got the translation as faithful as possible.  She’s also been a fantastic cheerleader for me this whole time.  Thank you, Jeannette!

Rumor has it, Kopf, Zahl oder Liebe will be out in May, 2014.  Can’t wait!


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