DIY Prettification (That is Totally a Word)

So I have this Facebook page, right?  And it’s supposed to link to my blogs, but the links are always broken (*side-eyes WordPress*) and a lot of times I forget that I can interact with other humans there so a lot of time it just sits.  I suppose the same could be said of my blog, but I digress.

A while ago, I saw this post about how to make your Facebook page look more custom, and I was like “Ooh, the pretty!” and then I let it sit for a while on my Pinterest board with all the other reminders of things I am likely never to accomplish in the realm of crafting, organization, and cooking.

Pinterest, or as I like to call it: How to Feel Inadequate, Lazy, and Poorly Dressed in Less Than 30 Seconds!

Then, the Great and Powerful Muse of Procrastination came to visit me and I decided it was clearly time to tackle the prettification of my Facebook page rather than work on my next book.  Brilliant, right?

Turns out the first post I looked at made things kind of super hard for the only-semi-tech-savvy like me.  I can do a little html coding, but that’s about it.  And I can’t even do the hard stuff.  So I poked around for a while (Bless you, St. Google) and found this much more user friendly post by SillyGrrl.  I only ended up using the last tool in her arsenal since I don’t have an Etsy store–wait, just a second.

Oh! The LOLz! They pain me!

Okay, I’m back.  I was dying of laughter over the idea of me with a craft store.

So, I added 3 static html buttons to link to my website, my Tumblr, and my Twitter page.

Then–ooh la la–I decided to get super fancy and make the buttons look pretty.  This is actually the easy peasy part, tech-wise.  You click the down arrow to show all yours apps, like this:

down arrow FB

Look! A screen shot! And I even added an arrow!

Then click the little pencil in the upper right corner of the app.  Then you select Edit Settings and follow the link to Change the image.  Like this:

edit menu FB

Will wonders never cease?

There are some kind and generous bloggers out there who have made custom buttons you can download for free.  Like at this site.  Again, I was out of luck since I don’t have an Etsy store.

Still funny.

So, since I am pretty much of an idiot when it comes to graphic design, I decided to do it old school.  I used chalk and the kiddo’s easel to draw me some buttons.  Then the handy-dandy iPhone took some close-ups and bam–I had pretty .jpgs.  One warning, however.  If you don’t have them exactly 111px by 74px, they won’t work.  I’m sure there are easy ways of making sure your pics are the right size.  My particular method was to make my husband do it.  I would highly recommend this method.

Anyhoodle, now I have pretty pretty buttons on my Facebook page that make my poor little neglected page look so much more inviting!  Yay for me!  And thank you, Great and Powerful Muse of Procrastination for visiting me in my time of need.


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