Teasing, Teasing, Teasing

Yesterday, I got a big thick package in the mail from HarperCollins. It was my first pass pages, and THEY. ARE. AWESOME.

I can’t wait for you guys to see the design.

Oh yeah, and the cover…

Which I get to show you soon, my pretties. Very soon…


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On the Awesomeness of J.A. Souders

This weekend, I got the only news I can think of that might excite me more than getting a publishing contract of my very own:

My awesome crit partner, best-friend-I-never-met, future-superstar, natural redhead, and all-around cool person Jessica Souders sold her amazing book RENEGADE to Tor Teen!!!

Seriously, I could not be more excited for her if she was chosen to be the Princess of Florida (that’s a thing, right?).  And I could not be more excited that soon all you people are going to get to read her story.  This thing is going to blow your mind.

Here’s the announcement from Publisher’s Marketplace:

Jessica Souders’s RENEGADE, about a female assassin in an underwater Utopia who realizes her memories have been altered and her mind and body aren’t under her own control, to Melissa Frain at Tor, in a nice deal, in a three-book deal, by Natalie Fischer at Bradford Literary Agency (World English). Translation: 

Are you in?  You’re so in.

So now, your job is to go fan up.  Trust me, you’re going to want in on this when this story hits the shelves.  You’re going to want in on it early so you can make like a hispter and say you totally heard about it before anyone else.

Go to her website, follow her blog, follow her on Twitter, and Like the RENEGADE fanpage at Facebook.  Got it?  Great!

How was your weekend?

– Liz

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Where I Make You All Jealous

I’m not normally one to brag, but I had to share what I got in the mail.

It even had pretty packaging!  
I’ve wanted to read this book since I turned the last page of IF I STAY
SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you, Gayle!!!

The links:
Get your own copy of Where She Went
Read If I Stay, first, ya heathen!
Visit the delightful Gayle Forman at her website.
Stalk, er, follow her on Twitter.  You never know when she’ll give away another book!

*Loses all interest in finishing blog, due to reading awesome book featured**

– Liz

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What I Did On My Blogger Vacation

I’ve been gone from here. A lot. As usual, no small part of it has to do with me being an infrequent blogger. But for once, I have a decent reason, too.

In October, I accidentally did my own personal NaNoWriMo.

See, I was plodding along through a decent project that I like, and I’m still fond of, but it just wasn’t coming easily. Meanwhile, I was struck with inspiration in one of those bolt-from-the-blue moments.

I have an older project that has made the querying rounds with lots of requests, lots of positive feedback, but no offers. A lot of “great writing, not enough of a hook,” “love your characters, love your dialogue, but this plot isn’t original enough to be a debut.” Which was really hard at the time, because I love those characters, too, and I felt like they weren’t getting a fair shake (from their story, not from the agents).

Now, over a year later, I finally had my Aha! moment: I was telling the story from the wrong character’s perspective. The idea stayed with me, and all but stalled progress on my other work-in-progress.

“I’ll just write a few pages to get the basic premise down,” I thought. “Get that first scene out of my head so I can concentrate on the other one.”

Twenty-two days and 74,000 words later, it was done.

And it feels right. My wonderful crit partners have already given me the thumbs up and the first 50 pages have been through the ringer in my crit group. If I had a Magic 8 Ball, it would be reading ‘All Signs Point to Yes.’

It doesn’t feel like a first draft, or even a second, third or fourth. It feels like the final edits on the story I told a long time ago. I guess it just took a year, a leave of absence from work, and that final spark to give me the chance to absorb all the input I got on the query trail last time.

So, I’m not doing NaNo this year. I need a break! My wonderful friend Ryan made me my very own certificate though, for doing my personal NaNo a month early. It’s at the top of this post. Pretty awesome right?

Fingers crossed, people! And for those of you doing NaNo–It can be done. Trust me!

– Liz

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Check Out My Fancy Cover!

I was lucky enough to work with the astonishingly talented Wilette Youkey on a for-fun cover for my project, The Sorbet Guy. 

Check it out!!

So cute, right?!

Wilette is fabulous to work with, quick and obviously wicked good at what she does.  She asked me questions about what my characters look like, any important symbols in the book, and for examples of book covers that I like.  

What we ended up with was this chalkboard-based motif that tickles me no end.

If you want to see more of Wilette’s amazing work, or see about using her services for a cover of your own, please check out her website.  You won’t regret it.

I’m gonna go gaze at my cover and smile goofily for a while. 

– Liz

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My Lust List

After I saw a couple of drool-inducing products for the first time in the last week, I got to thinking. Isn’t there some validity to writing down your dreams? Motivational posters and all that, right? So, perhaps if I create a fully-annotated list of things I’d like to have, the Powers-That-Be/Fates/God-or-Goddess-of-your-Choosing/Crazy-Stalker-Fans-Who-Want-to-Anonymously-Fulfill-My-Heart’s-Desire-For-Nothing-in-Return/or possibly Me, would have an easier time procuring those items for me.

So without further ado, (how much more ado could she possibly muster, you are no doubt wondering…) I present, THE LUST LIST.

1. Twelve South has the most nerdtastic, lust-worthy protective cover for the MacBook in the history of nerdiness. I could just melt into a puddle of goo and trickle down the nearest drain I want this thing so bad. And each one is different! Could you die? I could die.

2. Mini Countryman is the new All-Wheel Drive version of the quirky little bulldog of the road, the Mini Cooper. I used to drive one (an S, actually, she said
with no small amount of shameless braggery), and the car’s biggest downfall was it’s unparalleled ability to suck in the snow. This is a big problem when you live in the icy north, as I do (no, I don’t know why, thank you for asking). I used to do 360s on freeway on-ramps. All-Wheel Drive makes my little speed machine of the past into a viable possibility for my speed machine of the future.
3. ‘Nuff said.

4. New work shoes from Crocs because in the end, I’m a simple soul, and I’d just like some shoes without the strap hacked off and treads worn to a smooth surface something like a portable upside-down ice rink. And red is purrrdy.
5. “Someday he’ll come along, the man I love…and he’ll be [Indiana Jones] the man I love…and when he comes my way, I’ll do [whatever it takes] to make him stay.” Indy will forever hold a place in my heart and on my list of freebies (thank you, honey, and you know I’ll do the same for you and Dark Angel). I don’t mean Harrison Ford, either–although, frankly, if he offered I’d be hard pressed to say no to him–I mean the scruffy, smirky, fedora-wearing archeology professor that makes my heart go pitter-pat. I love you, Indy. *blows kisses*
There. I’ve clearly done my part.
– Liz

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