We have a book title!

I spend most of my time talking about my debut novel, Ask Again Later, these days.  But I’m also lucky enough to have a second book coming out, too!  Did you know that?

At this point, it’s expected to come out at the end of 2014–I know, two books in one year?  I’m either super lucky or just plain crazy.  (Don’t hold me to that release date either.  If there’s one thing you can be sure of in publishing, it’s that a release date isn’t set in stone for quite a while!)

And now I can share the title with you!

Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless


There’s no official jacket flap copy yet, but I’ve got a little something cooked up for you in the meantime.  Stay tuned for the official one, and eventually a fabulous cover to go with it!

Ten Things That Could Happen in this Book

1.  Someone commits an act of accidental vandalism

2.  A large amount of money goes missing.

3.  Someone assaults a Salvation Army bell ringer.

4.  A foot race passes through the meat department.

5.  A lock is picked.

6.  Someone steals a pregnancy test.

7.  The police are called.

8.  A ham goes on an unexpected journey.

9.  Someone gets kissed.

10.  Six teens are accused of a crime they didn’t commit (probably).

It’s Christmas Eve, and Chloe Novak and her friends are about to face the strangest shift at GoodFoods Market ever.

Huzzah!  I’m so happy I get to start sharing tidbits about this story at last!


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  1. Sounds fantastic. I’m hoping the Salvation Army bell ringer gets assaulted. Even better if it’s with a rubber duck. Just sayin.

    Also, 2 books in the same year? Yowza. That’s pretty awesome. And also terrifying. Good luck!

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