I have been sitting on this news for a little while now, but I swear it hasn’t diminished in the slightest while I’ve waited for the okay to share it…


Oh my God, I can’t even believe I’m putting that in writing.  Seriously.  I’m dying over here.  Someone pass the smelling salts…

*Is revived* You probably want details.

So, the book is called ASK AGAIN LATER, and it’s a contemporary YA romantic comedy.  You can read the description on my Current Projects Page.

It’ll be out in Winter of 2014, which seems crazy far away, but is actually going to come up so fast I can hardly believe it.

My super awesome editor is Erica Sussman (who is also the editor for some names you might know, like…Kiersten White, Kiera Cass, and Aprilynne Pike.  You know, just some other writers.)

And I owe a million thank you’s to my agent, Laura Bradford, who has perservered through a number of projects before we got Erica’s attention with this one.  Laura, you are ze best!

I can’t think of any better way to celebrate than with a dance party!  Let’s do this!

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Woo!  Yeah!  Get down!!

– Liz




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  1. Congratulations on your thrilling news and total LOL on the dance party! You’re right, you’re going to blink and it’ll be in your hand. But it’ll be awesome!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I’m vogue-ing like a maniac. You rule.

  3. Sonya says:

    Saw the announcement in the group, but wanted to stop by and congratulate you again!

  4. Sonya Weiss says:

    I saw the announcement in the group, but wanted to stop by and say Congratulations! I know you’ve got to be thrilled!

  5. Momo X. says:

    Ohmg, I am sooooo loving contemporaries so this makes me a whole lot of excited for ASK AGAIN LATER–eeep! CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. Congratulations! That’s definitely big, huge, and fantabulous!

  7. lizczukas says:

    Thank you everyone! I’m sorry about the moderation thing. I tried to get rid of it just now, so feel free to comment away!

  8. Kelsey says:

    HUGE HUGE HUGE CONGRATS! So excited for you 🙂

  9. mesummer says:

    Eeeeeeee! Congrats again! I’m so excited for you!!!! I’d dance, but it would look like a combination of the Elaine dance and the Macarena, and I’m at work, so… But I’m dancing on the inside!

  10. Betsy Norman says:

    Uber-congrats and Irish jigging for you fellow B&N buddy!!! You deserve it! Dance away!

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