ARCs Are a Strange and Wonderful Thing

What’s the goal of publishing?  To have someone–hopefully a lot of people–read your book, right?

Absolutely.  End goal.  The whole reason I got into this business.

Then my Advanced Reader Copies arrived in a lovely box with the HarperCollins logo on the side.  And that’s about the point my heart exploded with joy.  Trust me when I say there is very little in this world as surreal as holding your own very book in your hands.

Oh, hello Ask Again Later! Aren’t you looking cute all snuggled up in your box!

And at first I la-la-la’d around the house, dancing with it.  Seriously, I was like Belle in the bookshop during the opening number of Beauty and the Beast.

Except, I’d totally fall off the ladder when it stopped.

It took a few days for reality to set in:  the arrival of these beauties meant that they were most likely arriving in other people’s mailboxes as well.  Like, reviewer type people.


Yeah, so it turns out Harper didn’t just send me this lovely box to make my day/week/month/year.

People are reading my book.  Strangers.  People not even related to me.  I’m getting tweets from bloggers who got it.

Cue sweaty palms.

I’ve even given a couple away myself.  One went to my best friend, which seemed fitting considering there’s a character named after her in it–Hi Lisa!  One is making the rounds in my family (yes, they’re reading it for the first time, too, because I’m a nutjob who doesn’t show my stuff to anyone in my family).  One was part of the giveaway for my cover reveal–it’s coming, Kennedy, I promise!

So I guess this is where we begin the true roller coaster ride that is being a published author.

Double gulp.

So, if you need me..I’ll be the one hiding under the covers with my big bag of M&Ms.  You’re welcome to join me there.

– Liz

*pokes head out from under covers*

By the way, there’s a chance to win one along with a bunch of other amazing prizes as part of YA Highway’s anniversary giveaway.  You can enter to win until August 23, so go!


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  1. Erin Brambilla says:


    Eek! So excited for you, Liz! See all these exclamation points I’m using?!?! EXCITED!

    Seriously, though. Congratulations!

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